At the churches there is a sign with maps and pictures showing roads, paths and attractions for hiking in Kvernes cultural area. Here there is also a large parking lot. From Bådalen, an old church trail runs over the mountain to Kvernes. This was the way to religious services in the church at Kvernes. Along the church path there is a burial ground with Bronze Age and Iron Age tombs.

Every year, there is a church walk from Bådalen over the mountain to the Old Kvernes rural museum. The Kverns heritage area has a landscape characterized by older traces of settlement with eg. several burial grounds. There is a marked path where you can see some of these tracks. Every year there is also a heritage walk with a guide here.

Along the cultural trail from Borgstua to the sea department at Gamle Kvernes village museum, is «Gapahuken». Here it is pleasant to sit and enjoy the panoramic view of the fjord and mountains.

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